Figure Competition Diet

dietFigure Competition Diet

 Confused about how to diet to get lean?

If you are looking for a diet program to get you ready for a figure competition… or if you just want to look like a figure athlete then the Figure Prep Diet is the program you need.

What I did is take all of the guesswork out of dieting to get lean. You don’t have to follow some crazy diet, or try to figure it out with a trainer who is unsure of what to do.

All of the diets are in sequence and all the ratios are all ready figured out for you. All you have to do is put in the hard work in the gym.

Workouts: This Figure Prep Diet comes with enough exercises and workouts to get you ready for any show. These are the same workouts I use with all of my competitors to cut body fat before a competition. These are not bodybuilding workouts… they are fat burning workouts that preserve muscle. Too many women follow bodybuilding workouts suited for a man. Your workouts must be dfferent… they must burn more calories.


  1. Does the book explain how many macros per day/meal? Is it more of a high/low fat, high/low carb, high/low protein approach? And does it explain how to carb cycle effectively?

    • Yes, the macronutrient percentages are available with each diet. The Stokes approach is a SENSIBLE approach to contest dieting. No wacky hi-low carb or protein cycling, just plenty (and I mean plenty) of nutritious food, like fish, chicken, non-starchy vegetables, yams or rice. No “magic bullet” products are sold by Terry, because he feels they are usually dangerous and certainly remove hard-earned money from your wallet that didn’t need to leave.

      Carb cycling is not part of the Stokes approach because it isn’t necessary. Busting a$$ in the gym Terry’s way, combined with appropriate cardio training, is the real formula that gets results – just look at the Stokes Crew in competition shape and you’ll see it’s true.

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  3. Hello, my name is Danielle, and I am living in rural Montana, and am possibly looking to find a program to become a bikini competitor. I am pretty good shape, and already workout twice a day in my own home, but feel like I have hit a plateau, I have not seen much further progress in my abdominals, arms or legs for a few months now, so getting frustrated and just found your article and thought I would shoot you an email about your program! If you have suggestions or help and if I should just look into buying this I would appreciate the help, thank you.

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