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Do Different People Need Different Diets

Terry, did you hear about the new diet? …EVERY week it seems someone is promoting a new diet (or fat loss supplement). They always have some breakthrough scientific study that ‘proves’ why they work.  But… like all the other ‘awesome’ new diets, they will disappear in a few months when people realize they don’t work any better… if at all!

Although this article uses competitors as examples. The same principles hold true for everyone, whether you are trying to compete or just lose a few pounds and feel better about yourself.

For the 937th time!…. There are no new diets that work better for competitors than the one everyone uses (or SHOULD be using) now! I see competitors coming into shows, far from contest ready because they tried some ‘new diet’,  that was supposed to speed up fat loss. There is actually a diet that has competitors, who are not lean enough for competition, EAT MORE FOOD! This is somehow supposed to promote fat loss for the competitor who is already behind schedule. The day that this works for fat loss…. I’m quitting!

Every competitor on this page got lean eating the SAME basic foods! No special, exotic or dangerous diets… just the standard competition diet! I know because I trained them all!

How to get lean for figure competition

A basic diet will get you as lean as you want to be

As far as diet is concerned –  If you are just trying to lose weight to get in shape, then I can understand wanting to eat something other than a figure competition diet – chicken and vegetables get a little boring after….. the FIRST day! I understand that. BUT If you are a bikini, figure, Ms fit/fitness competitor or bodybuilder, why would you not follow the diets that have worked for many, many years… and still continue to work today? Diets that can get you as lean as you need to be.

Cheat days should be a regular part of any weight loss journey. They help speed up your metabolism and they keep you motivated… give you something to look forward to. A few times a week.

Desperation will drive trainers to try all sorts of things. Every week, there is some new wonder diet that everyone is buzzing about.. or  fat burning  supplement that burns fat 137 X faster! …Let’s see, if this new fat burner burns fat 137%  faster than the other fat burner that was advertised to burn fat 70% faster…. then you should be ready for your competition after about uhhmm…  2 days of taking this supplement! Twelve weeks of training down to 2 days… amazing!

Seriously though… The women pictured are all competitors I trained and gave diets to. (bikini, figure, bodybuilding). Three of them just recently won pro cards! No crazy diets, no special shakes… no supplements.They all ate the same foods to get lean. The only difference is that figure competitors diet a little harder than bikini competitors, Ms fit/Fitness competitors diet a little harder than figure competitors and bodybuilders diet the hardest of all because they have to get the leanest… that’s it folks!

Losing body fat is one of the simplest things to do (…but also very difficult mentally). Your body can only accumulate fat from protein, carbs and fats… that’s it! All you have to do is eat regular food and learn to manipulate calories and macronutrients to cause fat loss. No need to go any further than the foods we eat everyday… it works for the top competitors in the world, I’m sure it will work for you!

With everyone trying to find the “New Thing” that brings results faster… I realize that doing the same thing that everyone else is doing can be boring. So you may be on the lookout for something new and exciting. This makes the conditions ripe for a slick marketing campaign (usually backed by a lot of money) to push their new diet on the public… through the internet, blogs, TV, social media etc. The idea is to expose you to it so many times that you think it’s legit (Oh yeah, I think someone posted about that new diet on Facebook the other day it must really work).  I’m sure I disappoint a lot of people when I tell them that I don’t have any diet secrets or special techniques to strip off body fat overnight… but I refuse to blow smoke up places it doesn’t belong… and i ain’t talkin about a chimmney!

Whether you are a competitor or just looking to get in shape – YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASTE TRYING NEW DIETS THAT HAVE NO HISTORY OF SUCCESS BEHIND THEM. You can get as lean as you need to be for ANY competition or life by eating: chicken, fish, tuna, oatmeal, egg whites, protein powder, a wide variety of vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, good fats, some fruit  (not too much) and a cheat meal/foods multiple times during the week.

DON’T Do Any of Those 21, 17 or 10 Day Fat Loss Challenges!!


You’ve either said this yourself, or heard someone else say it: “I’m on this new thing now It’s called the Blah Blah Blah Program. I’ve lost 8lbs… This product is GREAT and very nutritious. You drink two shakes during the day and eat a sensible dinner at night.” I hear this all too often these days. Most of the time this fat loss is not the real aim of the company that sells it. The aim of these companies is to get you excited about losing weight so that you can become a seller/distributor of their Protein, Diet, OR Health shake. Once you become a distributer then you are pressured to recruit more people into the business (“that’s where the real money is” they tell you, then they say that if you can just “get 5 of your friends to join, you can make money from their sales forever” blah blah…). THAT’S THE REAL AIM OF THESE COMPANIES… to get you excited (about your fat loss) then sign you up, then push you to recruit more people to sell their miracle protein powder.  Then they say you will be “owning your own business” by recruiting more people (this is absolutely not anything like having your own business… but it does sound good). Wow, you went from losing 8lbs to starting your own business in just 14 days!


They know that you are most suggestive in the first few weeks of any new thing (this just happens to be your fat loss) so they have you starve yourself for a few weeks with a diet consisting on 1 meal a day and two of their “special” shakes. Many times these diets are only about 800 calories (some have been tested and found to have only 500-600 calories). These diets are always low in carbs because a low carb diet will cause sight dehydration It doesn’t matter what you eat… if you are only eating 800 calories YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT regardless of what you eat! THEN you are afraid to eat anything but the two shakes-a-day plan because you know you will gain the weight you lost right back! You can’t continue to eat like that! It’s not healthy! Your body is designed to digest food… not powder for 66% of your meals. (it’s ok to have a few protein shakes a day but you need to be eating real food also at every meal).

THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT (Don’t Fall for the HOOK)

I tell anyone that It’s much healthier and you will look much better doing it the right way (proper diet and exercise). That’s why I always offer a money back guarantee on any of my programs, because they are based on what has worked for many years with many types of women and men! I hate to see people taken advantage off because they are excited about their weight loss (which is mostly water from dehydration – these companies are really good at hooking you early with this technique). Don’t get caught up in the hype! If you or anyone you know wants a program fat loss program that really works and makes you look better (not drawn and exhausted looking). Then check out this 12 Week Fat Loss Program, complete with Maintenance Diets (very important).

PS the 12 Week Fat Loss Program  is a complete actual 12 week program that I use to get women in awesome shape (workouts, diets, videos, maintenance diets etc). It comes with a full Money Back Guarantee


Terry Stokes

Dangerous Exercises

I have to admit that my competitors do some pretty difficult exercises – but I’m seeing more and more exercises on the internet that I consider too dangerous because the chance of injury is too high. This one exercise I’ve seen numerous times is the squat jump to a pullup. I must also admit this exercise looks cool and can give you a great workout… But one slip from the pulllup bar and it’s a possible torn bicep. I’ve seen it happen and there’s nothing like seeing a bicep snap and curl up, like a Fruit-Rollup, toward the shoulder after being torn.

As trainers we must look at every exercise and weigh the risks and benefits. for example, I see a lot of trainers getting caught up in this Crossfit movement and having their clients doing movements that they should NEVER be attempting… or having them lift maximum poundages when the clients only previous workout experience was jogging around the local park, aerobics classes, Zumba or the occasional spin class (that had them sore for a week!). Neither trainers or trainees should get caught up in trying to do the most difficult exercises they can… it’s not necessary to reach your goals.

When you see someone in one of my videos doing a difficult exercise, it’s because I now they can do it safely.  Although there are others who can do the same movement, I know from watching them train that it may not be safe for them to do. They may even ask me “Why can’t I do that exercise?” and I explain to them the reasoning behind my decision… but i also explain how they can get great benefit from another exercise that may be similar but not as dangerous. Be careful!


How Figure Competitors Build Great Glutes

squatting glutes workoutWhen it comes to building glutes, figure and bikini competitors should be experts on what it is they need to do, to bring out this important asset. One of the main principle is that you must squat or lunge low in order to activate the maximum number of fibers in the glutes. In order to get out of  a deep squat or lunge, the glutes have to do a lot of work. Your quads do most of the work after that – so you must go low if you want maximum glute development.

SAFETY: A lot has been written over the years about the knees being susceptible to injury when you squat below parallel – this is nonsense! This ‘logic’ based on nothing scientific… or anything seen in the real world. You ever seen Olympic lifters? If anyone should have bad knees it should be you neighborhood Olympic lifter… instead it’s guys like me who did stupid things like play basketball on cement for many years and tackle football on concrete with no equipment… yup we were real geniuses back then. The “Squatting low is bad for your knees” came from the guys who had big upper bodies and little ‘chicken’ legs because they didn’t want to squat!

The great thing about most of the glute exercises is that they should be done under control and fairly slowly – especially in the low position. Therefore making these safe exercises even safer.

You want to really focus on contracting the glutes in the low position. If you have too much momentum you will loose this ability to focus and the quads will take over.

Corny Figure Videos

The wrong way to make a workout video

I’m laughing as I’m writing this thinking about a video I saw the other day about figure competition shoulder_presspreparation (I won’t name the video because I think the people who produced It are very nice and genuine, the kind of people we need in this sport… but the video just plain sucked!).

  • I actually got the video from a first-time figure competitor who bought the video and was very disappointed after viewing it. She was at her gym complaining about it when someone overheard her and told her about me. We talked on the phone and she came in a few days ago with video in hand.


A video on figure preparation should be the last place you would expect to see women using light weights, wearing bright beautiful lipstick, perfect mascara, and doing exercises fit for a beginner. What figure competition were the women in this video getting ready for? I’ve never seen so much smiling and mugging for a camera.

I’m positive that the competitors in the video did not get in shape doing lateral raises with 5lb dumbbells! I realize that it’s easier to sell workout videos when the workouts are made to look easier (that’s why you never see anyone sweat on those late night infomercials because they know that no one will buy their exercise gizmo if it looks like you may actually have to work hard to get results)… but don’t mislead women into thinking they’re going to do a few exercises, practice a few poses and win a figure show.

One of the videos actually said to start to practice posing a week or two before the show! I’m assuming they are referring to an experienced competitor because… If a first timer waits until the last minute to practice posing, the end result won’t be pretty:

Back_Pose_001 Please stop making corny figure videos… I’ve actually seen a few of these videos. I would suggest to all video makers to stop worrying about how good you look on camera and how perfect everything has to be and focus more on the hard training, the ups and downs and everything else that makes up a competitor. I keep getting first timers who come to me thinking this is a glamour sport complete with glamour workouts. They soon find out that the only glamour part is when you walk onstage in that beautiful suit you paid big bucks for. Truthfully, that wouldn’t even seem so glamorous if the audience knew you were probably constipated from all the protein you’ve been eating… or worse, suffering from diarrhea because you did something silly like took a laxative to lose weight.

If you are going to make a video for figure competitors, show how hard it can be for the average woman with average genetics. Don’t pay some genetically gifted competitor who stays within 5lbs of competition weight all year round to shoot the entire video… you should also show the woman who has to lose 20lbs she gained in the off-season, show the woman who carries extra weight in her thighs – lets see how difficult it is for her to get lean. Let’s see the face of the competitor whose eaten chicken everyday for two weeks straight, as she opens up her Tupperware container to reveal …another chicken breast! This is what i deal with everyday.

Who wants to pay $49.99 to see make-up heavy, scantily clad women who are barely working out… when you can go to any large gym and see that for free! (ha ha… you know, the girls walking on the treadmill at level 1 and talking on their cell phone)

You will have plenty of time to look pretty onstage, but workout time is not makeup friendly:


THE END (of corny workout videos)

Why Do Men Hate Me?

figure_suit_001My name is Terry Stokes …and I am a figure coach.

– Years ago when I realized I had the ability to change women’s bodies, I decided to train someone for a figure show. She did great and came in second only to Jelena Abbou (the most sought after figure cover girl in the world). That was wonderful and all, but throughout the process her significant other had a serious issue with our training… and it only got worse!

I wanted to say: “Dude I train 7 days per week, 60 hours per week, have a waiting list of clients calling me every day… oh yea, and a 2-year old at home who I have to take to and from daycare 5 days a week. The last thing I want is you wife!” But of course I couldn’t do that. I just had to smile every time I saw him and pretend like we were buddies… even though, I know he hated every beat my heart took.

– She was shy, very shy when i started training her… and had never walked in heels before. When it was all over she had a ton of self confidence, people commented on how beautiful she was, she held her head up when she walked now – It was a true transformation. It seems like that’s what a guy would want… how silly was I? Then it hit me – as I figure_workoutwas thinking to my self about why a guy would NOT want a women who was strong, confident, and in great shape. Mental confidence + Physical strength = Power and Control! My clients had more power and control in their lives now. What I had done was shift the balance in a relationship – i made things more equal… ooops! Silly me, I was just trying to put someone in a figure show.

– I remember backstage as I was putting oil on her and guys would walk by and comment: “Wish I had your job” or “Don’t work too hard, ha ha!” If they only knew what i was thinking with her reluctant husband and her ex-military father in the audience. My biggest concern was which side of the auditorium they were seated on… so that i could stay on the other side!

– When she walked across that stage, all I could think about was that shy girl who always wore the baseball cap and walked with her head down. Where did she go… this was a beautiful woman on stage, full of confidence and not giving a damn what anyone thought because she was, as she so often said: “Doing something for me.” I knew right then that I was hooked, I had never experienced anything like this before. My life had just changed! Now if I can only find away out of this auditorium without running into her family!