If You Eat Too Much On Thanksgiving Don’t Worry About IT

Don't worry if you Eat Too Much Over ThanksgivingDon’t Worry You will Be Fine… I promise!

It may be already too late. You probably started off today (Wednesday) thinking that you were going to eat ‘good’ today because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you want to be able to eat whatever you want. Even if you already threw down on a bunch of carbs today, don’t worry about it – eat whatever you want for the next few days: Thanksgiving and the day after. If you eat exactly like I tell you to, you won’t gain even an ounce. Basically, the two days after your holiday binge you are going to skip breakfast (except for a piece of fruit) and then go low carbs for 3 main meals.

Think of a good meat you like (fish, chicken, beef etc) and think of your favorite vegetables (avoid carrots, legumes, peas and corn for these 2 days). You’re going to eat 3 meals: Lunch –  Afternoon – Dinner. If you want to eat Lunch, Dinner and then a meal later at night, that’s fine also.

Breakfast: 1 piece of fruit (your choice) I suggest an apple because they are crunchy and take longer to eat – this gives the sensation of having eaten something of substance, whereas you can eat a banana in about 20-30 seconds and it doesn’t seem like you really ate anything.

  • Meal: #1: Meat, Vegetables/with teaspoon of oil
  • Meal #2: Meat, Vegetables/with teaspoon of oil
  • Meal #3 Meat, Vegetables/with teaspoon of  oil

Meat: (chicken, fish, beef, tuna ) Stay away from processed meats, they often contain sugar. You can substitute – Egg Whites, Protein Powder, Cottage Cheese for your meat (if you skip the oil on the vegetables you can have 2 egg yokes with the egg whites). Amount: I’m not giving you an amount of meat to eat because it’s very hard to eat too much meat. (it’s the carbs and fats that we can easily consume too quickly).

Vegetables: 150 grams eat meal – spinach, greens, broccoli, green beans, onions, celery, mushrooms, green/red pepper, asparagus, lettuce, brussels sprouts, – Finish your vegetables at each meal. If you want you can have more vegetables, they are so low in calories that it’s almost impossible to eat too many vegetables.

If you eat badly for one day then follow this for one day… if you ate poorly for 2 days then follow the above diet for two days. It’s really not a diet, it just focuses you away from carbs as your main source of calories.

If everyone who reads this article ate like this for a week, just a week, they would lose 5lbs… easily!

Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. You mention eat an apple for breakfast is that part of meal 1

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