Monthly Archives: March 2012

What is show ready?

This time a year (competition time) I get a lot of pictures sent to me from competitors all over the country asking if they are ‘show ready’ or not. It can be a fine line between being ready, being too soft or being too hard (too lean and defined). By far the biggest problem is competitors coming in to shows too soft. You may have a great physique but if it’s hidden beneath a layer of fat, then it’s a waste. Below is a video of two of my competitors and good friends Karen and Stephanie. Karen is just coming off a competition and Stephanie is preparing for an upcoming show – this presents a perfect time for me to demonstrate the difference between competition ready and almost competition ready.

Remember also that in the off-season you will look more like Stephanie than karen. Karen’s condition is temporary… she will only be this lean around competition time. During the off-season she will put on some body fat and fill out so that her body/hormones can get back to normal and so that she can put on some muscle (if that’s her goal). So, In other words, a figure competitor will look like Stephanie throughout the year, except for competition time. This is the best and healthiest way to train and compete…. Now that’s (training smart and staying healthy) is a big topic that I could write about for hours…. I will discuss that topic in an upcoming post!