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Eat whatever you want over the holidays and still lose

(I apologize I was supposed to post this about 4 days ago… i forgot to hit the ‘publish’ button and it stayed in ‘drafts’ …sorry, BUT it’s still not to late to try this – it will still work!)

Eat whatever you want over the holidays and still lose over the holidays:

I realize that most people will cheat over the holidays so I try not to be unrealistic and ask women to abstain from all of that good holiday food. There is a way to that you can eat whatever you want and not gain a pound… you may even lose a pound! Basically you will need to eat a really clean certain days surrounding the holidays. It’s predicated on something I do with figure competitors to get them to lose weight in between back-to-back shows. If you follow it you will probably lose weight even if you go nuts eating on the holidays.

Take a look at the charts below, It tells you how to eat on particular days surrounding the holidays.  If you need a little more explanation then check out my website The password is: 1234

The weight you gain after eating on Christmas and New Years will be mostly water… you will lose that in a day or two if you follow these guidelines (password: 1234)

Another IDIOT Figure Coach!!

Some figure coaches need to 'figure' out the basics

I’m mad… I mean really mad! Yesterday I met a figure competitor who told me her trainer (i use the word ‘trainer’ very loosely) told her not to drink water for 3 days before her show… thank goodness she didn’t do it! Does this fitness professional (again, i use the term ‘professional’  very loosely) realize that a person can die after 3-4 days of no water? YES… I said die! What a complete moron! Dying for a 10″ trophy? Hmmmm…. let me think on that!! This is the sort of nonsense that originally motivated me to write my figure competition diet book – because I was appauled at what some trainers were doing.

… apparently some trainers are still in the stone-ages when it comes to diet.

Bodybuilding’s #1 cause of death: By far the main reason bodybuilder die – right before, during, or immediately after a show is due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Many people think steroids cause these deaths, the truth is… there has never been a single documented case of a bodybuilder dying of steroid use. The reason I bring this up is because whenever a bodybuilder collapses and dies, people always say it was related to steroids. Nope! …these athletes die from electrolyte imbalances secondary to dehydration!!!

 intense training + dehydration = recipe for disaster

Trainers with NO experience are giving diets to competitors. Trainers have to understand that they are training someone’s daughter, wife or mother, they look to you for guidance… they have complete faith in you. They trust you to give them good advice. Thy place their health in your hands… This sport is hard enough on the body… especially for women! The diet has to be tough… but it CAN be healthy. My competitors eat at least 5 x day… 7 or 8 meals a day is even better. They drink as much water as they want.

Everything I tell my figure competitors comes from years of experience which includes many failures and successes along the way – I’ve trained competitors all over the world – from Brazil to U.S. Soldiers in the Middle East. I’ve trained women featured in Oxygen Magazine, and women that compete at the highest levels of the sport, which is why I would never just blindly pull something out of my a** and offer it up as advice.

To this particular ‘trainer’, I would like to ask:

  • how dare you tell a competitor not to drink water for 3 days
  • how dare you take their money and give them such bogus and dangerous advice
  • how dare you advertise yourself as a figure coach or personal trainer
  • how dare you give advice without understanding even the basics of human physiology
  • how dare you jeopardize a young woman’s health

I studied and documented everything when I first started… I took meticulous notes, checked body fat everyday on competitors, documented muscle retention throughout the dieting process etc…. I stayed up many nights, literally all night, writing diets and trying to figure this whole thing out, safely – on top of more than 20 years being involved with bodybuilding!

Stop thinking it’s so easy to go from teaching group powerboxing classes to being a figure competition coach! Be a professional and do your research! Then go out and see what works, study your results – do this over and over …and over again. Then you can start developing a program. Don’t just hope that a women with great genetics walks through the door of your gym so that you can take her to a competition and call yourself a figure coach…. uhhh, don’t work like that. That’s what we call in the industry a ‘Perp’ (perpetrator, fraud, fake).

Please, do your homework and gain some knowledge… before you hurt someone!!!!! (or better yet, save yourself 5 years and learn from my experience here – but I’m sure you won’t do that!)

There is none so blind …as he who will not see!

Ok, I’m done with my ranting… I can go back to being a nice guy!