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Figure and Bikini Training… the same?

First off let me congratulate Kerry for doing and awesome job at the NPC Nationals a few weeks ago. Kerry is a hard worker who does whatever she has to do to get in shape.

Check out to see her pics

I get a lot of questions about the difference in contest prep for a bikini competitor and figure competitor. When it comes to losing body fat for a show – drum roll please….. the preparation is exactly the same! The only difference is that bikini competitors don’t have to get as lean figure competitors.

OMG! How can a bikini competitor train the same as a figure competitor when getting ready for a competition? Well… what are they both trying to do to get ready for that competition? Answer: lose body fat and keep muscle. If that’s what both bikini and figure competitors need to do then why should they train differently? The differences will come in the off-season training when the bikini competitor won’t be as focused on building size (… actually the bikini champions have been more muscular the past few years)

One thing I noticed 25 years ago when I first started studying this sport was that so may people made it out to be more complicated that it really was – and today it’s even worse…. especially with the Scientifically Tested Super Duper Advanced Metabolic Enhancing Muscle Exploding Fat Incinerating supplements that flood the market. Give me a freakin’ break! This is a very simple sport… but very difficult to do. The mental toughness needed to compete in this sport rivals any other type of competitive sport.

  • 50% of your success is based on your training and eating the proper foods (not supplements). The other 50% is

    After show celebration!

    genetics, there ain’t a lot of room for much else. The most important thing I tell my competitors is to keep it as simple as possible, although each person is unique in many ways – it doesn’t mean that everyone must train differently or eat differently. Our bodies are more similar than they are different… it’s our brains that are all messed up!! ha ha

  • My bikini competitors follow the same diets that the figure competitors do. There may be a little more flexibility…. but very little!!!! And the the workouts are just as intense!

So, for those who wonder what the difference is when it comes to bikini and figure competitors getting ready for a show…. the answer is…. very little.