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Competitor: Kaylee Norton

Kaylee is a down to earth well-rounded competitor from Canada who followed my competition diet program – If you are interested in a well-written inspirational BodySpace profile, check it out: Here is an email she sent me:

“Since I started the program, which I have been following religiously, I have dropped over 15 lbs. My weight is at a 4 year low (since after the last time I competed) but my confidence is at a record high. I’m seeing aspects of my body I haven’t seen in YEARS (oh, 6-pack, how I’ve missed you!) The workouts are HARD, but I enjoy them, and the diet is easy! It’s simple to follow and it’s real, easy to obtain food- nothing weird on the list! I’m still 3 weeks out from competition, but felt confident enough I registered last weekend! My husband comes home today after being away for 6 weeks- I can’t wait for him to see the new me! Everyone at work is noticing and complimenting me, and so far even my parents aren’t complaining this time (they called me emaciated last time). I am SO glad I decided to order this program! I know I’ll use it for contest prep for years to come!”

Check out her BodySpace: