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I Can Make You A Figure Champ

DSC08754 - Copy - Copy (3) ….and if you believe that I have this special pixie-dust that can turn water into money! The truth is that I can’t turn you into a figure champion. What I, or any good trainer can do is:

  1. give you the proper training
  2. give you the proper diet
  3. be supportive
  4. give you good and ACCURATE advice (i could write a book on this point alone)
  5. show you how to pose and present yourself onstage
  6. Guide you around the pitfalls of competition preparation
  7. help you with suit selection

The rest is up to the judges. The truth is, one group of figure judges could judge the same competitors  differently then a different set of judges… so don’t get so uptight about judging. Your job is to get in the best shape possiblethis is where many competitors drop the ball. If you don’t get in good shape, it doesn’t matter who judges, you’re not going to have a chance to win anyway!


If anyone promises more than that, they are desperate and lying to get your money. No one has theFigure_Training_Cost secret figure training technique to take you to the top of the figure world. Now I’ve had competitors I believed 100% would win an upcoming show… but i would never tell them this because you never know what the judges will look for and…. you never know what unknown ‘ringer’ might show up and win the show. What a figure competitor needs is figure coach with experience who can show her how to train, diet and pose so that she can compete at her best…. win or lose. The last thing you want is a trainer who will promise you a victory just to get your money.


I’ve had figure competitors who I knew would become champions if they trained and dieted properly… but they couldn’t do it. Whether it was the diet, training, family issues etc…. they just couldn’t do it. Then there are the other competitors who I didn’t think would do much in competition but they trained hard and dieted religiously… and often went on to win shows. Two of them are now professional figure competitors and the other in competing in the NPC Nationals in Las Vegas in 8 weeks…. Silly me!! The point is you never really know who is going to be successful until the entire process runs its course.

So avoid anyone who makes promises about winning or making you the next figure champ…. instead focus on finding a figure coach who focuses on the these 3 factors first and foremost:

  1. getting you in shape Fat Loss workout
  2. getting you in shape
  3. ohh, and one more thing…. getting you in shape!

If he/she can’t do those 3 things, in that order, then he is not of much use to you… because without getting in shape…. nothing else matters because you won’t be able to compete with the top competitors. If you want to do something you’ve never done…. You’ve got to things you’ve never done before! Just like Jill’s doing in this picture (1 arm snatches with a 20lb db and a weight vest).