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Amazing Figure Transformation: From Last Place to Figure Pro

The first time I met Rachael was the day before her first figure competition. She came to my gym to get a competition spray tan from my wife. I noticed she was leaning against a wall seemingly ‘out of it’. I asked her if she was ok. She told me that she was extremely exhausted, had not had water in over a day and was on a very low calorie diet which contained only two foods! (i think it was fish and crackers!). I tried to get her drink a little water while explaining to her that extreme tactics are both ineffective and dangerous… she still refused the water. I worried about her the rest of the day. I’ve seen girls hospitalized for dehydration before. She looked about 2 steps away from the emergency room.

Competition Day: Backstage getting my competitors ready for prejudging, I notice Rachael standing off to the side. It became clear to me that she had followed the wrong diet in preparation for her first competition. I didn’t get to see her the day before when she got her tan, because she was completely covered by her sweatsuit. Having gone through the dehydration, bad diet etc., I assumed she was really lean and in terrific shape… this was not the case. Rachael came in last place…

I felt bad because she seemed really motivated… but being motivated is not enough, you need to follow a diet specifically for competitors. Some of the other competitors suggested to her that she call me. A few days later she called and told me how much she wanted to do well in figure. The journey to turn Rachael into a figure competitor began…

Like a lot of new competitors, Rachael did not have a lot of muscle so it was imperative that she came into her next competition lean. A lot of competitors think you need to be really muscular to compete in figure. I told Rachael to worry about putting a quality physique onstage instead having a ton of muscle… She went on to earn her Pro card in her next show by winning the overall championship!

Diet: There was to be no more guessing about her diets… All herdiets would be very precise, every day mapped out and every meal measured in grams. If I was just a few pounds off, it could mean a big difference in her placing for her next show. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what she was eating. Many competitors like Rachael who tend to carry more weight in their hips, butt and thighs will look bottom heavy if they are off by just a few pounds. I believe that competitors who have this tendency have the hardest road to a figure competition because body fat in these areas is NOT easy to lose… and is always the last to go. Often competitors have to train hard all the way to show time before their legs ‘come out’.

Workouts: Rachael spent a lot of time in the gym preparing for her first show but her workouts were not burning calories. She also did a bunch of cardio… this apparently wasn’t the

answer either. When getting ready for a figure show each resistance workout should be also be geared toward burning calories. Too many competitors will ‘lift heavy’ and then rely on cardio to burn fat. WRONG! Your resistance workouts should also be geared toward burning calories… done correctly Rachael’s resistance workout would burn MORE calories than her cardio workouts.

Rachael worked hard everyday. She came in early and left late. She had a point to prove… to herself! Notorious for leaving pools of sweat on the gym floor, she left the gym exhausted everyday. As the body fat started to decrease, the fat around her hips that threw her proportions off was now gone. What remained was a lean symmetrical physique …although she wasn’t the biggest competitor, her physique was well balanced with no obvious flaws.  Rachael won the overall championship and her pro card. She is currently getting ready for her second pro show!

After the show: One of the coolest things happened after the show. Rachael’s mom (who I had never met) came up to me and gave me a hug. I thought it was because Rachael won the show. I was totally wrong. She told me it was because Rachael looked much healthier for this show than for her first competition… that was cool!

The diet I gave Rachael(click here) made it possible for her to maintain her muscle while losing body fat (this was very important because she does not carry a lot of muscle). Not only did she look healthier… she was a winner.