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Do Your Diets Work? …Yes, but not wth Haterade!

When I first decided to write a diet book for women (mainly competitors) who emailed me from all over the world looking for diet answers. I was reminded by my mentor (a very successful individual in the health and fitness industry), that the more well-known I become… the bigger target I will become for negative people.  Regardless of how noble my intentions were, he said, It would be irresistible for some people not to say/write negative things. How right he was! I think it took a week or two before individuals were posting negative comments. The sad part is that it was people that see me (and usually speak to me) at the shows I go to every year. These individuals know how successful I am… and if you don’t know me you can look at my websites and this blog. These are NOT magazine photo shoots with professional models, these are women with a lot of determination… and a dream! The girls in my testimonials… you can see the same girls in the pictures and videos on my site and working out at my gym. Nothing fake here…

“His diets don’t work”

This is the silliest comment of all. My book is designed entirely on what bodybuilders/fitness/figure competitors do to get lean. I’m not making diets up out of thin air. The very first diet I ever used with my first figure competitor, came right from the mouth of one of the top figure competitors in the world… gram for gram. The only thing I changed was the portion size (proportionally) because my athlete was not as big as the competitor I received the diet from. It worked like a charm! Since then I’ve developed a lot more diets and tweaked them to work on the average  woman who wants to compete, but the concepts are still the same… They will never change because human physiology will not change in the next 100,000 years (scientist believe that it takes 100,000 years for 0.001 percent of a genome to change!). Which means what worked in the past, will work now …and in the future. All I did was organize the diets and put them in a format that’s easy to follow.

My favorite is the individual who signs up on a forum under an assumed name and tries to trash me… WHO HAS THAT MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS?! The first time it happened was shortly after my book came out…. and it still happens today. I was warned about all of this (even by one of the show promoters)… but you never really believe people have so much idle time and ill intentions until it actually happens. I would gladly help any competitor get better or trainer with his/her clients… I do it all the time. All they have to do is ask!

Stop drinking that Gatorade… oops, I meant HATERADE! Somebody told me ther was a company that makes Haterade T Shirts. When I did an online search, I found a company that sells them. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, the one thing about this sport that I absolutely love is that I can’t hide! Not behind words, fake names or nasty comments. The competition stage is where I’m judged!  The stage is unforgiving. The lights exposes every dimple. My work is on display every year, 5 or 6 times a year for the judges and audience to see. For me it’s the ultimate challenge, you either get results or you get out of the game. This is why I would never put an ineffective, unproven book or any information that I didn’t believe 100% in on the market. Ok, I’m done with all that nonsense – now on to something positive….

Do you want to be a personal trainer?

Enough with that negativity. I was thinking about how to turn this post into something positive. What I decided to do is answer a question I get quite often in a series of upcoming posts: “How can I become a successful personal trainer?” Since I became a personal trainer I’ve never struggled to acquire and keep clients. Over the years, I’ve noticed how most trainers struggled to get clients and many could only manage to make a meager income. It’s not easy to make a living as a trainer. The truth is most trainers quit because they struggle to find and keep clients. The difference between me and them was nothing earth-shattering, it was just that I had gotten good mentoring BEFORE I became a personal trainer by someone who was already successful in this field. If your goal is to become a personal trainer then this series of upcoming posts will show you how simple it is if you are willing to let go of the misconceptions you may have about running a business and about the personal training industry… so that you don’t fall into the trap many trainers fall into and struggle to get out of. If training and working out is your passion, why not make a career out of it? So keep your eyes open for that series of posts to start.


The Classy Figure Competitor

zville figure

Looking at some video from the two figure shows my competitors recently competed in, I noticed how friendly all of the girls were to each other. I started to think back to when I first got involved in figure in the beginning. Not sure why, but there seemed to be so much tension between competitors backstage. I remember girls not speaking to each other, throwing out negative comments toward each other… angry stares. I actually doubted whether I wanted to be involved in this sport. I think back in the beginning everyone was nervous, competitors didn’t know each other… it was all new. I was usually the only coach backstage… OMG! back then, people looked at me like I had 5 foreheads… hmmmmm!

I began to think of how the top personalities in the fitness/figure industry have gotten so popular because they have such great personalities. Always smiling and willing to accommodate their fans. Monica Brant and Jaime Eason are notorious for being great with fans. I remember at the Arnold classic when Jaime Eason held up the line for 10 minutes talking to my competitors. They were so excited when we got back home… especially because Jaime told them she trained in a similar fashion to them. We had some great workouts that following week… and of course everyone loves Jenn Hendershott.  Speaking of a classy competitor, Zville Raudoniene (winner of the IFBB Arnold Classic Ms Figure International), known as one of the nicest and most sincere competitors. She brings a certain poise and grace to the figure stage that sets her apart from the other competitors. Actually I should be saying these things in the past tense because Zville has just signed with the WWE. I believe she will be one of the wrestling Divas. So, instead of her competing on the Olympia stage we will have to watch her on the WWE stage.