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Why Do Men Hate Me?

figure_suit_001My name is Terry Stokes …and I am a figure coach.

– Years ago when I realized I had the ability to change women’s bodies, I decided to train someone for a figure show. She did great and came in second only to Jelena Abbou (the most sought after figure cover girl in the world). That was wonderful and all, but throughout the process her significant other had a serious issue with our training… and it only got worse!

I wanted to say: “Dude I train 7 days per week, 60 hours per week, have a waiting list of clients calling me every day… oh yea, and a 2-year old at home who I have to take to and from daycare 5 days a week. The last thing I want is you wife!” But of course I couldn’t do that. I just had to smile every time I saw him and pretend like we were buddies… even though, I know he hated every beat my heart took.

– She was shy, very shy when i started training her… and had never walked in heels before. When it was all over she had a ton of self confidence, people commented on how beautiful she was, she held her head up when she walked now – It was a true transformation. It seems like that’s what a guy would want… how silly was I? Then it hit me – as I figure_workoutwas thinking to my self about why a guy would NOT want a women who was strong, confident, and in great shape. Mental confidence + Physical strength = Power and Control! My clients had more power and control in their lives now. What I had done was shift the balance in a relationship – i made things more equal… ooops! Silly me, I was just trying to put someone in a figure show.

– I remember backstage as I was putting oil on her and guys would walk by and comment: “Wish I had your job” or “Don’t work too hard, ha ha!” If they only knew what i was thinking with her reluctant husband and her ex-military father in the audience. My biggest concern was which side of the auditorium they were seated on… so that i could stay on the other side!

– When she walked across that stage, all I could think about was that shy girl who always wore the baseball cap and walked with her head down. Where did she go… this was a beautiful woman on stage, full of confidence and not giving a damn what anyone thought because she was, as she so often said: “Doing something for me.” I knew right then that I was hooked, I had never experienced anything like this before. My life had just changed! Now if I can only find away out of this auditorium without running into her family!